or many cryptocurrency projects, an official website is the first sign that the project is forming. Having a website that advocates your project’s goals and provides information on the core aspects is important. In this article, we are going to look at some of the items that will assist you receiving a great start. As with this article, or any other in our e-Learning platform, these are just our thoughts and opinions.

Every project has a different idea or solution that they are trying to bring about. It is important to understand that while many projects may look closely related to one another, each has a different set of core values. Many people refer to these core values as a use-case.

Project’s Name

No matter what kind of project, or use case, you must come up with a name for your project. The general idea is that the name of the project is either based of your group name or some kind of product you are going to offer the market. Our project is security based, so we used the word security in it as a common goal. Below, we will list a few common ideas about names that we think most would agree with.

  1. Pick a name that has not been used previously. This name should be easy to say.
  2. Find a ticker (4-5 letter abbreviation) for your project.
  3. Search for the name on go-daddy to see if your project name is free. While .com might be taken, other forms ( .biz. cc ) may not be.

When picking this name, your are going to be using this place in about 50 others. It is very important to make sure you are happy with your choice and that you can move forward to the next goal.

Choosing your look

When creating a cryptocurrency website, there are a number of things you will need to do to take your awesome website project public. Many of our clients use Word-Press. Word-Press is a “free to use” framework that allows you to install themes and plug-ins that give you the ability to build a website effortlessly. In all the years we have been building websites, we find that the best thing we can do is find a theme that is 95% complete. This lowers the amount of work that must be completed for the project’s launch and allows us to focus more on the branding of the project. Below, we will list a few items that are more than important to understand.

  1. Choose a theme that matches the category of what you are doing.
  2. Decide if you are going to have a store or market.
  3. Create a color pallet off the theme you choose.

These are the three biggest items that we can say need to be completed before going any further. Each part solves a problem or places the foundation for a later step. When you choose the theme, you can get 5 colors that work well to use in the rest of the project. These will be needed for cryptocurrency wallet design, faucets, block explorer, logos, and even banners. Having a store, or online market, enables you to exchange your product for cryptocurrency or fiat. This is a major hurdle in setting up the project.

Word-Press is primarily a point and click framework. It allows members to contribute to the project with minimal amounts of training or coding needed. In addition, there are many plug-ins available that will help bring many new features to your website and project.

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What should be on my website?

It is important to make sure to have all of your project on your website. You can place these links in the menu so that your users can find them easily. Below, we will list some of the more common links to have on the site. Some of these will come as icons that users will click on, some are buttons.

  1. Links to Whitepapers.
  2. Links to Exchanges.
  3. Links to Markets.
  4. Links to Wallets.
  5. Links to Block Explorer.
  6. Links to Partners.

The more information your website has on it, the more handy it will be to visitors, investors, and anyone who wants to find out more about your awesome cryptocurrency project.

Roadmaps and timelines can be tricky.

Be careful when creating roadmaps and time lines for your project. Many people in cryptocurrency have a different understanding of these items. While on one hand, certain types of people think these are completion dates, and on the other hand, a group of people think these are dates when things are starting. There is a lot of reasons to support both sets of mentalities. In our view, the roadmap is how developers share with the users their thoughts and ideas about general development. It strictly is representational. Some items on it may take years to complete and could even be delayed.

When starting a cryptocurrency website, please state how you intend to communicate with your users and what your roadmap will represent. If you have clarity here first, you can avoid having users that are having different expectations.

Online Shops and Markets.

Many cryptocurrency projects will need to establish online markets to allow their community to buy and sell goods and services, allowing their cryptocurrency to be used as a payment method. This can accomplished using a few Word-Press plug-ins that allow the website to communicate with the cryptocurrency’s wallet for transactions.

What will be your security stance?

When building any kind of website, or online application, security needs to be built in from the start. Matter of fact, it is the reason why most of us have chosen this path. How are you going to secure your project and your investors from fraud and abuse? Will you have a blockchain that promotes security only, or will you build security into your market and sale operations? There are many types of security to think about. A few of these are firewalls, anti-virus software, and even VPN or SSL access. Keeping a secure stance is important for the life of the project and needs to be built in from day one to have the best shot at success.

These are some basic ideas on the founding team that we hope can get you on your way to understanding more. The idea of this article is to break these parts down into more simple ideas, as we will be discussing these ideas in more detail in later articles.


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