e have many people that contact us are asking how to get involved in our project and where they can buy Spectre Security Coin. We hope to have every one of you join our community and be a proud support of Spectre Security Coin.

Spectre Security Coin is a Low cap coin that was created as a way to bring security awareness to the block chain industry. Many new coins are starting up every day and could benefit from our experience in crypto currency and security. These will be both in the interest of the developer, as well as the investor. Spectre Security coin can be found in many popular exchanges in the Bitcoin (BTC) market. Spectre Security Coin is a Low Cap coin that has a limit. Which means unlimited coins cannot be created.

The exchange you do business on is only as good as the support it gives. Lets face it. Problems happen, but a good exchange fixes it and does not deny a problem happened..

We have partnered up with these exchanges ans will add more as the project and volume grows. Each coin has a different path and a different work load, and bringing you top notch exchanges is in ours. One of the biggest advantages to dealing with quality exchanges is they have something that is more than buy/sell/trade. We will go over some of these below.

Investment or Dividend Reward : We love to see this. If you look at the graviex exchange it is a great example of a dividend system. users are rewarded daily with btc for the amount of sales on the gio/btc market based off the number of gio they hold. The more gio you hold, the more you earn. They base this off the amount of volume, so on days where volume could be less, you would earn some, and days where the volume was up you earned more. Used in addition to the gio bot you can reinvest rewards from that day into gio to build up more rewards. The amount of rewards is listed in blocks of 1 hour, so you can follow along. Everyday ( 7 days a week , 365 days a year ) at 4pm est that is summed and deposited into your account.

To us this is staking or the same thing. And its a great tip people should know about!


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Spectre Security Coin

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