Do you know a Project Rebranding can help you bring your community and investors to life?

Branding is one of the most important things that you can do to establish yourselves in the market. By having a quality brand you will be more attractive to investors who are searching through the countless coins that are created everyday to spend their btc.

We here at Spectre Security we can help you identify areas in your brand that could potentially cause investors or market makers to pass you by. Areas that we can help you in, but are not limited to are

  • Project Logos and Color Pallets
  • Website Design and Online Market
  • Wallet UI Theme and Consulting
  • ANN Thread Building
  • WhitePapers
  • Usecase Clarity

We can consult with you on a wide range of issues to help you improve your projects appeal to investors and market makers while you still continue to do the things you enjoy.

Rebranding can really improve your project!

Do you know many cryptocurrency projects only need to have minor amounts of rework to be more appealing to large investors?

Many projects simply only need to have the brand applied to the product in the correct manor. Having a seamless look and feel can help improve the overall appeal of your project. Investors and market makers look for this as a sign indicator of a quality project.

No matter what your needs are we have a plan that is right for you. We want to make sure that you will have the needed security to be successful in today’s threat environment. Many of the tools are free to use and will cost nothing additional. Many tools exist but few people show anyone how to get them, and how they are to be used. We can help save you money, will getting you the needed protection that you desire.

Project Logos

Get Project Logos

$180.00 Session
  • Logos for your Project
  • Project Color Pallet
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Multiple Types
White Paper

Branded White Paper

$200.00 Paper
  • Project Intro
  • Global Goals
  • Coin Details
  • Your Branding
Ann Thread

Single Page ANN

$150.00 ANN Thread
  • Network Inspection
  • Application Auditing
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Project Consulting
Wallet UI

Rebrand Wallet Theme

$500.00 Wallet
  • Splash Screen
  • Wallet Logos
  • Color Theme
  • Seeds and Checkpoints

Rebrand Your Site

$600.00 Website
  • WordPress Friendly
  • Update WEB UI
  • Integrate Marketing
  • Increase Traffic
Online Shop

Start Selling Online

$600.00 Website
  • Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Your Digital Products
  • 100’s of cryptos
  • Your branding

Rebranding Plans

to suit your needs

Getting started has never been easier before now.

Every day more cryptocurrency projects are turning to Spectre Security to provide them with quality solutions for the problems that they face today. Sometimes even being short of skilled people in projects can cause the quality of work to not be attractive to your investors..

Our focus is to help cryptocurrency projects solve those problems in effective ways so that they develop a project that is more appealing to the community and to investors. Many projects simply need a more seamless look and feel applied to its branding strategy.

In working with our customers, we have identified 6 areas that most cryptocurrency project will struggle with. Spectre Security can work with you in these areas to apply and changes that you need to make to give your project a more finished look.

  • Project Logos and Color Pallets
  • Website Design and Online Market
  • Wallet UI Theme and Consulting
  • ANN Thread Building
  • White Papers
  • Use-case Clarity

Spectre Security can help address these issues and get your project back to where you, your community, and your investors desire.

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