Do you know a 1 on 1 Private Consultation can help you increase the security of your online browsing activity’s?

Would it surprise you that many people today use the internet with little to; or no security against the many threats that exist? Its true. Many people who come to us have no understand of how their simple browsing habits can be used to attack or steal information about them. Most of these attacks will not be noticed until it is too late.

We here at Spectre Security we can help you identify areas in your usage that could potentially lead to problematic threats that users face on a daily occurrence. Many of these threats themselves can be stopped quickly while other can prove to be a time consuming task. We can consult with you on a wide range of issues to help you improve your security while you still continue to do the things you enjoy.

How can Spectre Security assist you?

Do you want a better understanding of how to use your computer to help get the most of your internet experience?

Many people find normal aspects of day to day computing life difficult to understand and follow. We can help you get a better experience that will improve your security and easy of use.

"Sometimes when you need to fix something, you have to break it first. And sometimes when you break something... well.. Its just broken.." Spectre Security

No matter what your needs are we have a plan that is right for you. We want to make sure that you will have the needed security to be successful in today’s threat environment. Many of the tools are free to use and will cost nothing additional. Many tools exist but few people show anyone how to get them, and how they are to be used. We can help save you money, will getting you the needed protection that you desire.

Advanced Scan

Get Advanced Help

$180.00 Session
  • Anti-Virus Updates
  • Anti-Malware Updates
  • System Maintenance
  • System Configuration

1 Hour of time

$60.00 Hour
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • VPS Setup
  • VPN Setup
  • Computer Updates
Full Audit

Advanced Service Inspection

$600.00 Session
  • Network Inspection
  • Application Auditing
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Project Consulting

Affordable Plans

to suit your needs

Getting started has never been easier before now.

Every day more people are turning to Spectre Security to provide them with quality solutions for the problems that they face today.

Our focus is to help people solve those problems in effective ways so that they maybe not fall victim to criminals and malware. These type of threats are ones that will typically exploit small issues and holes that would normally not be there.

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Working together to


We want to help You! Nothing is more rewarding than helping people solve problems. Spectre Security was founded on the very idea that tomorrows problems will requires complex solutions.

Spectre Security is always working hard to promote the idea that together we can accomplish amazing things while we work together to solve the next problem.

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