uilding a media kit is one of the most important aspects of setting up your marketing team for success. Media kits assist our community in spreading the images and logos thought the cryptocurrency universe! By having a media kit present, you can ensure that people are always getting the most prepared material in a centralized place.

A great thing about media kits are their presence online and the quick availability for downloading. No one has to ask for the most updated information, as the media kit always contains the newest most relevant content.

What’s in a media kit?

No matter what kind of project, or use case, you must come up with a name for your project. The general idea of the media kit is to have a wide spread of information for people, or groups, to use in media create. This promotes community inspiration and the growth of sub-communities and cultures.

  1. Update Logos (Many people will want logos that are 64×64, all the way up to 512×512)
  2. Updated Whitepaper (Make sure this is as polished as possible)
  3. Flyers and other Promotional Material (include discounts and giveaways, if possible)

After you have created a zip-file of all this material, you will need to store it somewhere online. We suggest storing it on a sub-domain like media.”somedomain”.com so that the media kit can be found with ease.

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What links should you include within the media kit?

It is important to ensure all of your project links are within your media kit. You can place these links in one document, so that your users can find them easily. Below, we will list some of the more common links to have in the media kit.

  1. Links to Applicable Whitepapers.
  2. Links to Current Exchanges.
  3. Links to Paired Markets.
  4. Links to Updated Wallets.
  5. Links to the Official Block Explorer.
  6. Links to Active Partners.

The media kit should have most of the information your website has. This causes more convenience to: visitors, investors, and anyone who wants to find out more about your awesome cryptocurrency project!

Should you include partners within my media kit?

The answer to this is, yes. It is important to have partnership material present in your media kit. This helps you achieve your side of the commitment to your partners. Make sure your logos are up to date along with your partner’s. You should also make sure to include the following materials:

  1. Partner Current Logos.
  2. Partner Official Links.
  3. Any Promotional Material.

These are the three biggest items that we can say about our partners. In general, some partners will have more material than others, so it is good to set a minimum of materials when you are creating this portion of the media kit.

These are some basic ideas on creating the media kit that we hope can get you on your way to understanding more. The idea of this article is to break these parts down into more simple ideas, as we will be discussing these ideas in more detail in later articles.


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