he first time you configure a wallet it may be a little over whelming, but we can show you some very easy ways to get up and running in no time. In this guide we are going to show you how to get a full configuration file and add it to you wallet directory. We are going to touch on a few key points that you will need to understand in order to get the best experience you can have. You can always get the latest wallet conf file here : Spectre Security Coin Wallet Conf File

In windows, the default path the files ( block chain ) will be written to is the users APPDATA folder. This location stores important information about software that you install on your pc. Each user has its own Application data folder so as not to conflict with another users data on the same pc. You can find the SpectreSecurityCoin folder in this location and we will be placing the SpectreSecurityCoin.conf file in this location as well.

Desktop Settings

  3. DNS

Server Settings

  1. BIND
  9. PORT

Masternode Settings

Pro Tip : Did you know if you start up your wallet using the -datadir command you can tell your computer where your blockchain files are? This is great for users that want to store the blockchain on a different hardrive.

Once you have the wallet conf file in your Spectre Security Coin folder ( Windows Default : %APPDATA%/SpectreSecurityCoin , Linux /home/user/.SpectreSecurityCoin ) open it up in your favorite text editor. We will go over some of the settings in this file

Desktop Wallets : Here are some settings that desktop users will benefit from understanding. We offer wallets for windows, linux and Mac OS.

Addnode : This command tells the wallet the address of other wallets it can connect to to get blocks. Most wallets provide built in IP addresses of wallets called seeds. These seeds give out IP addresses to wallets that are looking for connections. These IP addresses are stored in a local database file called peers.dat. If you remove this file, it will be rebuilt and populated when the wallet is turned on. This is good to do every few months as some peers are never seen again, and this slows the wallet in looking for connections to online valid peers.
Staking : Setting this to 1 will enable the wallet to stake funds in PoS mode. Staking will be earned in the amount of coins based of the PoS/MN ratio and current reward rate.
DNS : This will allow the wallet to find address using DNS.
Checkpoints : This tells the wallet to enforce checkpoints , this helps with fork detection in the wallet..

Server Wallets : These settings are typically used in server applications or by developers. We offer server wallets in windows and linux versions.

Bind : Bind to given address. Use [host]:port notation for IPv6
ExtrenalIp : Specify your own public address
Listen : Accept connections from outside (default: 1 if no -proxy or -connect)
Daemon : Run in background as process. This setting is typically used in server application wallets or masternode setups.
Server : Accept command line and JSON-RPC commands. This setting is typically used in server application wallets or masternode setups.
RPCUSERNAME : Username for JSON-RPC connections. This setting is typically used in server application setups.
RPCPASSWORD : Password for JSON-RPC connection. This setting is typically used in server application setups.
RPCHOST : Listen for JSON-RPC connections on (default: 13338). This setting is typically used in server application setups.
PORT : Listen for blocks on this port.(default: 13337).

Masternode Wallets : These settings are typically used by masternode owners. Masternodes can use any wallet.

Masternode : This enables the masternode function in the wallet
MasternodeAddr : Specify your masternodes public address and port.
MasternodePrivKey : this is the privatekey that is created during the setup process.

These are some configuration basicas that we hope can get you on your way to using the Spectre Security Coin Wallet in the most productive way. If you need any help, please contact us on discord so we may assist!


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