The road map is not a precise timeline, as it is not to be taken as exact completion times. This is to provide insight of where we are within the development process. We reserve the right to alter the road map.

Q1 January 2019
Road Map Focus

White Paper – Completed

Network Infrastructure – Completed

Exchange Listings – Completed

Dice Community Game – Completed

Q1 February 2019
Road Map Focus

Block Explorer – Completed

Exchange Listing – Completed

Wheel Community Game – Completed

Online Market – Completed

Q1 March 2019
Road Map Focus

Paper Wallet – Completed

Threat Map – Completed

Spectre Security Life Game – Completed

Reward’s System – Open Beta 1

Q2 April 2019
Road Map Focus

Scanner Portal – Prototype Online

Partner Outreach – Completed

Q2 May 2019
Road Map Focus

Research Outreach – In Progress

Business Outreach – Completed

Twitter Tip Bot Online – Completed

Q2 June 2019
Road Map Focus

Mobile Wallet- Android Completed

API Services – Completed

Exchange Listing – Completed

Life Content Additions – Completed

Telegram Tip Bot Online – Completed

Circuit Project Work – Completed

Q3 July 2019
Road Map Focus

Bug Bounty Partnerships – In Progress

Ann-Thread Relaunch – Completed

Launch Spectre Global – Planning

Keto Project Work – Completed

Q3 August 2019
Road Map Focus

Global Marketing & Outreach – Completed

Global Community Initiative – Completed

Launch Cloudfront Defense – Open Beta 1

Empower Project Work – Completed

Q3 September 2019
Road Map Focus

Exchange Additions – Completed

Community Review – Planning

Global Community Initiative – Planning

SmartCryptoTech Project Work – Completed

Q4 October 2019
Road Map Focus

Exchange Additions – Completed

Partner Additions – Completed

Marketing Additions – Completed

Q4 November 2019
Road Map Focus

Global Marketing & Outreach – Completed

Partner Outreach – Completed

Steam Card Giveaway – Completed

Q4 December 2019
Road Map Focus

End of Year Planning – Completed

Staffing Review – Planning

Project Renewal – Planning

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